Playgrounds: Places where people come together to enjoy themselves. The playground was Edinburgh, in a room on the 7th floor of Standard Life House with a wonderful view of Edinburgh Castle. The particular group of people were a number of highly experienced HR, Talent & OD professionals and external coaches. The enjoyment was leading, with Lucy, a session on the Cape Cod Model © and its application to Executive Pairs coaching.

Our aim was simple. We wanted to build advocacy for Executive Pairs Coaching and provide a safe experience of working with the Cape Cod Model© as coaches and coachees. We saw the session as an opportunity for the participants to toy with the ideas and to practice. The session was lively; great questions, thoughtful challenges and a willingness to learn and try something out. All of which made for a rich and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

We now have more food for thought about:
• The business benefits of having pairs coaching on the menu particularly post merger and acquisition
• How to engage leaders in a conversation about their relationships in safe ways
• The role of HR business partners in ‘brokering’ pairs coaching
• How pairs coaching and the idea of ‘WeQ’ fits into the broader Leadership Development curriculum

We were overwhelmed by the feedback from those attending.

“The value of pairs coaching is not just about the extra eyes and ears in the conversation. The Cape Cod process adds in a layer of subtlety, which can surface deeper insights and so enhance each relationship involved”

“Cape cod and pairs coaching is a powerful intervention to help build strong, efficient ways of working between Executives and Leaders. When used as a proactive method of coaching it supports the development of healthy relationships in matrix structured organisations which prevents the need for remedial interventions when tension point arise.”

“It gave me an opportunity to see the dynamic that a relationship brings to an individual’s perspectives and their behaviour. Very useful insight into the technique and I am keen to learn more.”

And from playgrounds to pilots…

Lucy and I will be working with an executive pair next month who are willing to trial pairs coaching. In our initial consultation both executives could see the immediate benefits given the transformation agenda they are leading. We are also going to run a session with leaders in December with a focus on developing ‘WeQ’ and effective relating. We’ll let you know what happens next…