Yesterday Baz and Lucy did a Pairs Coaching Demo to 15 leaders and HR professionals from various blue chip organisations. This is a picture of us looking shiny before we went in!

The demo consisted of a brief introduction to Pairs Coaching and then a live 40 minute Coaching Session with a volunteer pair who work closely together in a large global organisation.

The feedback from the guinea pig pair was great, particularly about the power of two coaches working with two clients. The benefit of being able to hear the coaches talk to each other about what they were seeing was particularly noted. Our clients¹ feeling was that it made feedback much easier to receive.

We received a great deal of curiosity from observers of the demo with
questions such as:

1 What kind of contracting happens before the Pairs Coaching session?
See our FAQs for more on this

2 Does Pairs Coaching work just as well for dysfunctional relationships as functional ones?
Yes, however you may find it a smarter strategy to focus on supporting those who are already effective to be even better, even more able to challenge each other and even more able to collaborate in a VUCA environment.

3 Does this approach work just as well for teams as well as pairs?
Short answer: yes.

4 Have you ever done this via Video Conference?
Great idea and we’ll be experimenting with this soon.

5 Why do you think Pairs Coaching hasn’t taken off yet when there is such a rational reason for doing it?
There isn’t a short answer to this one. We’re finding out through experimentation!

Our thanks to go the organisers and hosts of yesterday’s event Aziz Corporation A wonderful bunch of people who we hope to work with more in future.

Our mission to create awareness of Pairs Coaching and to have it recognised as a mainstream and valid form of coaching support continues!