We are on a mission to get pairs coaching into the mainstream.

It is now relatively common for an executive to have 1:1 coaching or for executive teams to work with a team coach. It is less common for executives to be coached in a pair with an important colleague – this is what we call pairs coaching. This site is a place to learn about the benefits of pairs coaching as well as to access trained pairs coaches.

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Lucy Ball, Director

I have always been drawn to working in and with pairs. Two people with a shared goal can get a huge amount done. Through my years of coaching and consulting I have come to believe that a business opportunity is being missed. Coaching two executives who work closely together can have a much quicker business impact than 1:1 or team coaching. Leadership is limited by our ability to influence our key stakeholders and business partners. Coaching two executives together, is a short cut to better business results.

My Chief Operating Officer and I worked with Baz Hartnell and Lucy Ball on how we strengthen our relationship in order to better lead change in our organisation. The presence of two coaches was extremely powerful. Baz and Lucy are masterful facilitators with complementary strengths..

Tracey Cox, Accountable Officer – NHS Bath and North East Somerset CCG

Why work with us?

We are skilled executive coaches with specific training to work with two leaders together. In this relatively new area of leadership development, you can be reassured of our competence and experience.

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