What is Pairs Coaching?

Two executives are coached together at the same time. The focus of the coaching is on the way the pair work together and succeed together.

Who is pairs coaching for?

Pairs coaching is for ‘key pairs’. A key pair is two executives who work closely together and on whose relationship organisational success relies. For example CEO and CFO, Operations Director and Commercial Director or two people co-leading a team.

Why would we need pairs coaching?

There are three main reasons to seek pairs coaching in our experience. Firstly for co-leadership roles, secondly for accelerating new or key relationships and thirdly for transforming difficult relationships.

What are the benefits compared to 1:1 coaching?

1:1 coaching can help relationships but can be slower as only one side of a pair is receiving support. Even if both sides of a pair are receiving 1:1 coaching separately, the work of trying new things in the relationship still remains unsupported in the workplace. Pairs coaching fast-tracks working relationships as both sides of the pair are supported in the room at the same time. Pairs coaching can be a great addition to 1:1 coaching.

What are the benefits compared to team coaching?

In a team there can sometimes be an obvious pairing that needs to work better. Pairs coaching is a more focused intervention on that key pair and can be a great addition to Team Coaching.

What happens before the session?

Each client will have a short phone call with a coach before a session to build rapport and set goals. In some cases, it may also be useful to gather data for example personality type or 360 degree feedback data.

What happens in a pairs coaching session?

Pairs coaching involves two coaches working with two clients at the same time. The client pair work live on their business issues with the coaches observing and offering feedback. The pair practice new ways of communicating with each other during the session with the support of the coaches.

Why are two coaches better
than one?

Two coaches working with two clients creates stronger trust and balance. This method generates richer data for clients and provides a role-modelling opportunity. It offers more then double the value.

What does pairs coaching cost?

Our rates are market rates for executive coaching. One pairs coaching session costs the same as two 1:1 executive coaching sessions.

How many sessions do you need?

Pairs coaching can create a breakthrough in just one session. A three session commitment is common to start with.

What additional skills do coaches who work with pairs have?

Coaching pairs is more complex than working 1:1. This complexity includes building trust equally, managing embarrassment and resistance and understanding how pairs connect, develop and repair. Pairs coaches also need advanced skills in self-awareness and self-management as working with pairs can bring out a coach’s own ‘baggage’ about relationships. Our coaches are all trained to work with pairs as well as being experienced 1:1 and team coaches at Executive level in organisations. Our coaches receive supervision from supervisors experienced with pairs work.

Ready for pairs coaching?